hello Tavernites!

hello Tavernites!

hello Tavernites!

I’m running a steampunk dungeon world campaign, and I was wandering is there a city ranger base class out there? 

Another class I have a problem with is the druid. I want to change it to be a robot like creature (like warforged) who can chnge parts of his body to all kinds of functions.

I thought about maybe creating three or more tag categories to represent types of robots, or tag list for each part of the robot: eyes, hands, and legs, body, and size.

any thoughts? 

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  1. I haven’t run across anything like a city ranger but you could easily modify the Spellslinger class to fit your needs. Change wand into gun and instead of runes he uses special ammo types that do the same thing.

  2. You could easily just reskin both classes. 

    For the ranger have him take a pet that makes sense in the city and have him take the human option. If he still wants to play an elf that’s fine but use the human bonus. Anywhere it says wilderness just change it to city.

    As for the druid. Have it “programmed” to take the characteristics of other life forms and at character creation it has only been programmed with animals that appear in a certain place. You can get away with just giving a different reason why the druid robot does what it does with out changing mechanics at all.

  3. For the druid, check out Johnstone Metzger’s mutant from Adventures on Dungeon Planet.  It’s much more organic than a warforged, and very hard sci-fi, but it might meet your needs.

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