I’ve been working on a Weaponsmithing Compendium Class, for one of my players who wants to do a lot of forging…

I’ve been working on a Weaponsmithing Compendium Class, for one of my players who wants to do a lot of forging…

I’ve been working on a Weaponsmithing Compendium Class, for one of my players who wants to do a lot of forging special weapons and the like.

I’m interested in any suggestions for additions or improvement that anyone has, particularly for more tags to add to the massive list of magical weapon tags I’ve got so far. Can’t ever have too many ideas for magical weapons, after all.


10 thoughts on “I’ve been working on a Weaponsmithing Compendium Class, for one of my players who wants to do a lot of forging…”

  1. Under Heft of the Blade does the question What damage does it do? essentially mean What tags does it have? or would this reveal the damage die of the (N)PC wielding it?

    Insight Of The Anvil seems very powerful. Then again, I’m not sure how often this situation would arise. If it was often I would consider using a list of choices here. If it doesn’t happen often, I think this is pretty cool =).

    I’m not sure how many people would ever willingly choose Driven Retribution. It seems like it would rarely come up in play and the hit you take for having this intense focus seems pretty big. I don’t like this one very well.

    Fateweaver and Forgemaster seem quite similar. Could you explain how these are different from one another? Forgemaster in particular seems quite vague.

    I love the tag list and I dig the magic items. Overall a pretty awesome CC. Well done! Do you have plans to work on any other smith CCs? Perhaps an Armorsmith?

  2. Thanks for the critiques! They’re very helpful.

    Heft of the Blade was partially inspired by the fighter move Eye for Weaponry. It might be better if it was more explicit about revealing mechanics like tags or damage-die, but I didn’t want to overshadow the Fighter move. Probably be better to commit to one way or other other.

    I have no idea how often Insight of the Anvil will come up in play; I’d love to see it playtested since I haven’t had the chance yet. One downside is that the weapon now has a declared weakness if you get it back, but it might be better written as “The first time you face…”

    Forgemaster is meant to be open-ended; it’s basically a slightly-structured way to add a custom move to a weapon. As such, its a bit vague, perhaps too much so. 

    Fateweaver is supposed to be explicitly about giving an object an inescapable geas, inspired by Irish and Norse legends and the wish-magic in C.J.Cherryh’s Rusalka. Probably can rewrite the trigger to make that a bit clearer.

    Driven Retribution would probably be better as it’s own compendium class, since it’s works on a pretty narrow set of character circumstances. A better replacement would probably be something that reflects how some legendary smiths were forced to make swords against their will.

  3. There’s certainly enough legends out there to provide inspiration for a full playbook, but I want to make sure I’ve got enough solid material first. If I do, there are more blacksmithing aspects that can be reflected, like shoeing horses and repairing tools. Playtesting is encouraged.

  4. You can never have too many tags!

    Actually, I was thinking of at least alphabetizing them. I just keep coming up with more tags. Compiling an organized list probably deserves to be a separate project.

  5. I agree with David Schirduan. Organization when you have that much information is always a plus. I’ll love your CC either way, but it wouldn’t hurt. Though if it comes down to it, I’d rather see more tags than a shorter but organized list ^_-

    Isaac Karth I like what you’ve done with Heft of the Blade.

    I personally prefer seeing a different approach to Insight of the Anvil. The weakness could be a reflection of the weaponsmiths knowledge of weaponry rather than a weakness of the weapon generated during its manufacturing. Perhaps the move allows you to more easily disarm or otherwise circumvent the weapon. Maybe this gives you +1 forward or allows you to pick some sort of weakness or opening you’ll be able to exploit from a list of opportunities. I hate the idea that as a weaponsmith I have to admit I made a boo-boo to get the upper hand. My weapons should always be EPIC =D

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