So, got a game at 6pm.

So, got a game at 6pm.

So, got a game at 6pm. Anyone have a recommendation on a good CHA based character I might not have heard of? Bard, charlatan, thief, something along those lines. I want to mess with people’s morals.

#semidarkarts I’ll be tweeting live game events via twitter, so join up if you want to join in!

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  1. I have a few classes that might suit…

    The Soulknife is cha/dex with mind tricks

    The Doomblade is cha/con (and maybe str / dex) but more “force of will”; needs advancements but some can be drafted before you level up

    The Noble is a rich educated guy with a talented assistent

    The Swashbuckler is mostly dex but a strong cha requirement as well

    If you’re interested in any, email me at aedsoftware at the gmail and I can share it with you (they’re all on semi-public Google drive docs)

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