4 thoughts on “Is weight in DW a measure of Stone Weight? If not, approximately how much does 1 weight weigh?”

  1. 1 weight weighs 1 weight. It’s not a measure of anything, it’s an abstract value so you have a vague idea of how heavy/cumbersome stuff is in relation to other stuff.

    In other words, it weighs whatever you want it to weigh, because the actual weight of the items is completely irrelevant to anything.

  2. So a multi-part interlocking staff that can be broken down into four 2″ lengths, despite weighing a little bit more, may only be considered 1 weight, while an 8′ staff might be 2 weight because it is cumbersome to haul around (must be carried in hand or strapped to pack making the carrier clumsy) Tim Franzke?

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