6 thoughts on “How  the tag “subtle” would change a spell? (i’m using the mage playbook)”

  1. Or, I guess, depending on the spell, that a spell has indeed been cast. Ok, a fireball is a fireball, but sudden climate change, or finding you particularly likeable… who can tell those are spells?

  2. You’re not gesticulating, shouting, glowing, thundering or otherwise going “HEY GUYS I’M CASTING A SPELL, PLEASE STAB AND/OR SHOOT ME” through any number of the various tells that go on when someone is casting a spell. There probably isn’t any visible magical trail originating from you, either – your Fireball just involves the target area spontaneously combusting rather than a literal ball of fire shooting out from your hand, for example.

  3. Is subtle applied to the casting of the spell or the manner in which the spell takes effect?

    A subtle shift in the wind or change in a mood at the right time can be very useful as well.

  4. Subtle, as an optional tag on Black Magic, means what you want it to. It doesn’t have a canonical interpretation; neither does “debilitating”, for example. 

    Generally it operates relative to the situation – if you don’t want to draw attention or raise an alarm because of the simple fact of your (purely damaging) Black Magic, cast it with the subtle tag.

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