14 thoughts on “Here is an early draft of my current project: The Goblin”

  1. At first glance, I already see you are giving three advanced moves from other classes. Someone once wrote that unless you have a full spade of original moves, you might want to either rethink the playbook or just use another class. I see the type of character that it essentially makes from those moves, but maybe change them somewhat to make them your own.

  2. Damian Jankowski  A fair comment– and one that applies to both classes I made. I will have to consider ways to work within this system to have another mechanical way of expressing the same general idea. But for early drafts, I figured it would be better to just copy them for now rather than reinvent the wheel.

    After all, this is meant to be a paragon race class which one would imagine would share similarities with the profession classes that their lifestyle tends to promote.

  3. This is fantastic work. I really like this! I agree with Damian Jankowski but feel that if you cannot rework them to your liking, simply renaming them to something goblin-ish would be sufficient. Well done. What is the other class you are working on andrew ferris?

  4. Damian Jankowski Don’ make new moves for things that already exist. If your new class requires 5 moves that already exist then use them. Only change existing moves to suit your character class when really necessary.

    It is about coding principles: you are participating in an open source project. Work towards a unified, coherent code base.

    Thats just my opinion.

  5. Well, you don’t want to just take moves from other classes, that’s pointless. You can still allow your character to do something similar, but change the properties of the moves to make it something new. I don’t really see how you can say, “don’t make new moves for a new playbook.” I’m not saying he should just reword it. A new playbook should do something different in a different way.

  6. While not a direct comment on the playbook portion of the document, some formatting of the non-playbook text would be a big improvement. The massive blocks of text are a bit hard on the eyes.

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