Fighters. I noticed there are a lot of fighter variants and I believe I remember reading a comment from either Adam or Sage that mentioned they would maybe have changed the Fighter a little bit if they had a second revision. 

In your opinions, what are the “best” or most fun versions of Fighter (or Fighter type classes) that are available and why? Trying to find a few good options for a player and curious about other people’s experiences.

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  1. Yet to try it, but I intend to make my next character a fighter who’s all about being refined and dashing. All about DEX and CHA, will take a couple of moves from the thief and bard as they level up. (Think Raphael from Soul Calibur 2.) No idea if it’s a good idea, but think it would be a lot of fun and the closest fit to that character out of the basic rulebooks. (The Dashing hero is similar, but not quite what I’ve got in mind.)

  2. As it stands, pretty much every different fighter archetype requires its own playbook. What is the best or most fun variant completely depends on what you want to play.  More roguish – Skirmisher; fencer – Swordsman, Gladiator (various versions), berserker – Warrior, etc. The list goes on.

    As an aside, I personally LOVE the take +Johnstone Metzger uses with his ‘Class Warfare’ alternate class system. Its a more ‘Advanced’ system of character generation but it allows for quite a lot more customization of what you want out of your ‘Fighter’. Basically each fighting ‘archetype’ becomes a Specialization (basically mini compendium classes). You can pick 2-3 Specialties to make up Your fighter class. Its the best way I’ve seen of doing more customized ‘classes’ so far. Not so great for pickups where you just want to use playbooks, but in a full-time game – awesome idea.

  3. I’ll drop this teaser of the war supplement here:

    “We’re not all so lucky to have been handed down an enchanted sword that talks to us, cleaves our foes in twain and shines like the sun itself, known for its merciless edge. Some of us have to get by on our skills.

    The Warrior is a class variant of the Fighter. It is identical to the Fighter in every way, except as noted. Use the fighter’s HP, bonds, and so on.”

  4. I think part of the thing is that the fighter has always been considered the blank slate by many game systems. You start with a fighter and then tack on cool abilities. Everyone else gets cooler abilities, but has to trade off the fighter’s stats.

    DW isn’t like that, so some things people are used to being “fighters” aren’t there any more. Great opportunity for new core classes, maybe in the “alternate class” format we’re messing with.

  5. Lord Khaalis do you have a link to that system from Johnstone Metzger?

    Sage LaTorra Adam Koebel Thanks for the preview and the comments! What is the approximate ETA for War if you don’t mind me asking?

  6. Johnstone Metzger Thank you! This looks great! I have recently picked up your DW1 Lair of the Unknown on drivethrurpg and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    Peter Johansen have downloaded and will check it out for certain. I like what I see at first glance! Thank you for the character sheet.

  7. Wynand Louw I checked out the preview and it looks pretty good. It is hard to judge just based on the starting moves. In the Advanced Moves, are there iconic wrestling moves to be taken?

  8. Hi Marques

    No. The moves only describe the mechanics, not the fiction. You have to name your move and describe it.

    It could be absolutely anything, like “Double knee facebreaker: I am standing face-to-face with an opponent, hooking both hands around the opponent’s head and then leaping to bring both knees up to the face of the opponent. I then then fall backwards, thus forcing the opponent to fall forwards and impact the exposed knees” (Adapted from a real move on wikipaedia.)

    So when you roll 12+ on Hack and Slash you can choose either to do your Signature Move (The facebreaker) or do a combo. Of course you have to describe your combos in the fiction too, the moves are purely mechanical, the fiction is up to the player.

    So the answer is actually yes, but it is up to the player to describe it!

    If you have a player that wants to play the pit fighter, you may direct them to this page for inspiration:

    But note that even though the class is based on WWF it will work equally well for any other sort of unarmed combat in an arena, like kickboxing.

    Both the signature move and the combos get more powerful as you level up, so leveling up gives considerable mechanical improvement. The Pit Fighter is not quite as potent as the core Fighter, but almost. 

    Fighters are not my usual choice for play, I almost always play rogue-like characters. At the moment my main DW character is a Clockpunk. So which fighter is the most fun? No idea. 🙂 If I had to choose, the paladin maybe?

  9. Wynand Louw this sounds very tantalizing. I very well may be picking this playbook up soon. I have a strong idea for a wrestling character. Either this will give me exactly what I am looking for or it will serve as a great foundation for my own interpretation. This sounds really awesome =D. Thank you for telling more ^_-

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