11 thoughts on “A quick question about Arcane Art.”

  1. Sorry, I misunderstood.

    No. The Bard can cast spells all on their own. But how they perform magic is very different from how a Clericor Wizard performs magic; the Bard actuall _performs_. I’ve had players narrate their Bards play instruments, sing songs, or recite poetry to “trigger” their spells.

  2. I am completely confused. There isn’t a bard list or any mention (that I recall) of what a bard has access to at what level (if he is using cleric or wizard spells). Could you explain further?

  3. The move says:

    When you weave a performance into a basic spell, choose an ally and an effect

    and then lists four effects (healing, extra damage, enchantment shaking, and improved helping). Those are the spell effects. There isn’t a spell list for the Bard because they don’t need one. Those four option are the only spells they have access to. How they do the spell is completely up to the player, but what the spell does is determined by which of those effects they pick.

  4. I was confused by the wording as well — I thought it applied to someone else casting a spell (strumming along while they chant, for example) or only if the bard had taken multi class moves in order to be able to cast spells themselves. I love the move once I was set straight by this forum… but the wording in the text definitely could have been better.

  5. I see how the wording could be confusing. Just to clarify, the Bard can still strum along or chant while the Wizard or Cleric casts a spell to help increase the spell’s power. The Bard just wouldn’t trigger their Arcane Art move. They’d trigger the Aid or Interfere move (hopefully the aid part) instead.

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