I’m curious with so many different play styles out there.

I’m curious with so many different play styles out there.

I’m curious with so many different play styles out there. Do you track coins in your DW game? If you do not, do you use anything in place for loot? I’m considering a Numenera approach with regular one use magic item drops.

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  1. Yeah! Magic items that have really seemingly obscure or stupid uses are great too. Like a bucket that always flips itself upside down when left unattended for a certain period , or something like that. You’d be amazed what players can use that crap for.

  2. I don’t care but my players love to roll up treasure. We make a whole, big event out of it. Used items, like potions, are great because they siphon off that loot and let the players feel like they’re accomplishing something. Mwahahahaha.

  3. I don’t see the point of tracking coins if coins have no real value in game. The supplied equipment list is short and simple. I can’t imagine anybody really being excited to return to town and shop. I felt really strongly when I first read DW that I should expand the equipment lists so all of that loot would be important.

    After some thought I think I’ll just try to replace the thrill of looting with something that has the potential to add from the fiction, rather than deviating from it to peruse equipment lists. I’m still trying to figure out a way I can slip in cool or useful non-magical equipment in a way that doesn’t seem like I am dumping it in the players laps.

  4. well money is as important as you make it right? Shopping might not be that exiting but getting bribes gifts for others or information can be really valuable, as can be the payment of ransom or debt. 

  5. Every so often we’ll deal with a big purchase. Wizard wants to make a teleportation circle between two cities? 2d4x1000 coins. You want to make the castle you just cleaned out livable? 3d6x100 coins. “Imposing” sails for your new ship? Roll+Cha with the fence, it’s either 200, 400 or 600 coins depending. Little stuff they buy at list unless there’s a story reason for otherwise. They do all the math and spend all the little monies on their own.

    Granted, I’m giving out a lot more cash than usual. It just became tradition that every monster had loot, so I need more ways for them to spend it, right? It’s my move to “Use Up Their Resources.”

    Riches are a tangible and gratifying reward for players, so let them have what they earn. It’s not like it’s hard to take it back. In fact, they feel like they’re getting away with something when you let them throw money at a problem. They think they’re winning. For losing money. It’s hilarious! Always play it off like it’s a surprise to you. “What? You have that much? In gems? On your person? OK then, good on you. Man, you really got me good, I did not see that coming.”

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