Hello, folks of the realm!

Hello, folks of the realm!

Hello, folks of the realm!

I’m a fairly experienced GM who would like to run a side game for any interested participants. My proposed time window is pretty open for discussion.  I want to be able to do a portion of play-by-post in between sessions to eliminate the busy work from each session. I’m open to campaign setting ideas, also. I don’t intend this to be a one-shot and its overall length will be dependent on interest in it.

If you have any interest leave a comment with your available times and prefered class (Feel free to use a homebrew class, just let me take a look first). We’ll probably be playing through Roll20.com in combination with Google Hangout starting as soon as we get 3-4 players.

Also, I should add that I generally run a rated R game as far as violence and the like. I don’t delve into the sexual side much but I feel a good fantasy RP needs to be true to life in regards to hacking at each other with blades.

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  1. Interested! At the moment I’m EST and on college vacation, so my time is mostly free; however that’ll change in a month or so. Got a few ideas for a class, but I think I’ll wait until the first session to decide.

  2. Kaillan Reukers : Excellent! Two of our main players are in the same situation so I understand. I’m looking at early this week in the evening, currently, to at least do the first session rigmarole.

  3. David Schirduan : Surely! It’s always good to hear how other people run their games and I wouldn’t mind tips and tricks from a GM. I’m going to publicly post the start date, as well.

  4. I’d be interested in hopping in, if there’s room. I’ve GM’d DW a few times, but have never gotten a chance to play. Really just want to give a Dwarf Fighter a swing.

  5. I was thinking with the Dryad in the mix, it might be fun to do “outdoor” characters, like Ranger, Druid, Barbarian, etc. With that said, I am now considering Ranger.

  6. Alrighty, folks. Looking at tomorrow (Thursday) evening, around 6 EST. I’d like to take on 4 players, as I have 1 currently. If not enough people can make this time then we’ll reschedule. If we have 3 people then we will probably play out the first session just to establish the world and I can work with the lacking player on the side to incorporate their character.

    If you have any questions or concerns please message me. 

  7. Absolutely! My current campaign ranger found the class very lacking and we homebrewed a “Hunters Quarry” and “Favored Prey” starting move. He’s also a pretty hardcore DnD purist and doesn’t entirely dig the DW rules. Have you had experience with the ranger before?

  8. I’ve run DW lots of times and there’s almost always a Ranger in there. I have not PLAYED the Ranger, but I have played other characters. I like to try different things. I’m perfectly open to modifications to the Ranger playbook.

  9. Here is the link to the Roll20 campaign. 


    The custom moves we’re using are Hunter’s Quarry (Wis) which replaces Hunt and Track:

    When you choose a target to hunt as your quarry, roll +WIS. On a 10+ choose two from the list. On a 7-9, choose one from the list and your stalking puts you in a dangerous position. 

    -You can see your quarry’s weakness, describe it and take +1 forward against your quarry.

    -You stalk your quarry avoiding all detection, add 1d4 to your next attack vs them.

    -Mark the quarry for allies, describe how you mark them, the next move vs target other than

     your own gets +1 forward and +1 damage if the move is an attack.

    (Our ranger uses his panther’s urine on his arrows to “mark” the enemies)

    …and the traditional Favored Prey which replaces Called Shot:

    Choose a species of prey from the list below, you are specially trained to fight those types of enemies. Take +1 ongoing when interacting with your favored prey.

    Aberration, reptile, magical, construct, monstrous humanoid, vermin, undead, beast,

    elemental, aquatic, goblinoid, elf, dwarf, human, plant, halfling.

    Feel free to pick and choose or even alter them if you’d like. They have worked well for us, as our group pictured the ranger more of a silent ranged assassin.

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