Hello to all

Hello to all

Hello to all,

I have recently acquired the Dungeon World rulebook after reading through the Dungeon World Basic App on IOS…

I plan to run a introduction for a few friends and have chosen “The Bloodstone Idol” as  the starting point of my campaign, which will have the players starting with the “Basic rules” and then progressing to the full rulebook as of the official release…

My problem is that I am having trouble printing stuff from the IOS versions and have seen that the monsters and classes are quite different in both versions… As I have failed to find a convesion or the PDF or physical “Red Book” for sale anywhere (Ebay, etc) I humbly come to ask if any of  you could lend me a copy of the red book in pdf so that I can run my session using it… 

I do not seek to have the game without paying for it, since I already own both the full game and the Basic App.. I would be delighted if any of you would sell  or trade me your used pdfs or anything similar…paying is not a problem.

I know this request is unusual, but I have loved the adventure and have a group o beginners who would benefit the most from the simpler rules….


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  1. Hmm no, I was talking about the Basic Set…There were somethings I liked better about the classes themselves, such as some cleric spells,, though the full product’s classes are also great!

    What I needed the most, though, was The Bloodstone Idol adventure. I am currently trying to make do with the App, though I feel it could be somewhat clunky in a gaming table

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