8 thoughts on “Rambling about One Shotting Dungeon World”

  1. Good ideas, esp. re: getting rid of the end of session move for one-shots.  I’ve gone so far as to give exp every time that folks hit their alignment. 

  2. I prompt people to count XP on failures, because that rule has been a lot of fun in my experience, but when we hit a scene break, about halfway through, I tell everyone to level up regardless of their XP, because leveling up is fun.

    If you are going to do a one shot to try out the system please do not ask the players questions like “What is the castle made out of?” You will get an answer of either stone or cheese. I guarantee it.

    This isn’t my experience, and I’ve one-shotted DW half a dozen times with lots of big goofballs.  So while I don’t want to negate your friend’s experience, I do want to say that it certainly isn’t universal.

    I think the key thing is not to simply ask players questions about the world, but rather to ask players questions about how their characters experience the world. 

    Don’t ask “what is the castle made of?” ask “how did you escape  from this castle last time you were here?”

    If you look at the list of suggested questions on the Sky Chain starter, they all point at the character and the world at the same time.

    The GM is also free to police tone violations and reject stuff that doesn’t fit.

  3. Really good stuff here. I’d suggest these are good ideas for any one-shot, too, not just DW (modified for context – but, eg, levelling up in the middle of a con game – if it can be done quickly and fun – is cool in ANY system)

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