I am getting ready to run DW for the first time.

I am getting ready to run DW for the first time.

I am getting ready to run DW for the first time. The core classes are great but I feel like I should have some more character options available. Are there any PlayBooks, free or pay, that you feel are particularly awesome and worthy of consideration?

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  1. I highly recommend Jacob Randolph’s Alternative Playbooks..  It’s a different take on the core concept behind the paladin, wizard, and cleric that takes them beyond some of the old ideas leftover from D&D.  If you’re sick of, for example, Vancian casting, they’re definitely worth a look. The artificer is also awesome, but I’ve not had experience with one in play yet.  http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/108623/Dungeon-World-Alternative-Playbooks

  2. I see these Playbooks mentioned a lot. I’m also a fan of Artificers and non-vancian magic so how could I pass it up?! Consider me sold. Any other recommendations for DW Playbooks out there?

  3. Since I GM, I don’t get to play a specific character, but the medic always seemed like fun to me. Performing quick and dirty surgery, having extensive knowledge of anatomy and biology. It’d be fun to play as a nonmagic healer.

  4. That leaves The Cultist and The Clock Mage as far as Jacob Randolph’s Playbooks are considered. I might as well just pick them all up. Thankfully all but two are bundled with other Playbooks. Any idea if he has produced anything else that wasn’t put up for sale? Altogether that is only $15.47 for all of them, plus a couple bundled in from Adrian Thoen.

  5. The Inverse World playbooks are fantastic (though you won’t be able to snag them right now). The Dashing Hero and Witch are spectacular! I also really enjoyed seeing the Halfling in play as well. 

  6. I just checked the kickstarter page and read update 19 posted on 12-23-2013. It says the full digital book will go out next week. Have any of you backers recieved your copy yet?

  7. But I’d like to add: if it’s your first time playing DW ever, I’d advice against straining too far from the basic playbooks. Those ones have been playtested over and over and have proved to produce interesting informations and situations in play. Other playbooks may or may not be as accurate as the basic ones, I know I probably wouldn’t have tried them out during my very first game… but that’s just me, of course!

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