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  1. but IW is supposed to be muh more about exploration and the world instead of combat etc. But there are non changed principles and stuff like that to push you in that direction and some of the IW classes are extremely good at combat. So combat becomes a way of problem solving that is easier. There is a disconnect there that the GM hasn’t been given the tools to solve. 

    I hope you get my point. 

  2. Tim Franzke I don’t get your point, actually. Looking at the existing DW Agendas and Principles, as written, they all seem entirely compatible with an exploration-focused game.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they are better suited to a game that tends more toward exploration than toward a dungeon fighter.  Thumbing through the GM chapters in DW, I don’t really see any disconnect.

  3. Tim Franzke I agree (in regards to DW anyway, don’t know much about IW) and I’m experimenting in this direction myself – I’m adding two new XP questions to replace the old loot and killing questions. “Did you stand in awe of a magnificent vista?” “Do you discover the secret essence of a person, place, or thing?” I could have changed GM principles etc., but I wanted to involve the players too.

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