10 thoughts on “Hi all!  I am running this for the first time in a week or so.  Anyone have any really good pointers?”

  1. Yep. Around the table everyone is a player. Someone has just a little bit more work to do than others. Then again, you can lend the players some of your work using questions, and it’s awesome!

  2. Also, remember to be a fan of the characters. A failed roll is a wonderful occasion to add tension, weird magic or more epic enemies (all of these and more following the GM Moves and Principles) but try not to make the PCs look ridiculous on a failure: it’s something I was used to do and see in D&D but in DW I think it could be not so funny and interesting.

  3. The last game of Dungeon World with a brief statement about this game being a conversation; if you have something to say, please do so, but remember conversation etiquette. I said I would do my best to ask different people questions as we built up the world and played to find out what happens.

  4. When running an encounter don’t get “tunnel vision”, it’s easy to focus on the PC’s and NPC’s and forget about the environment and other things surrounding the heroes. In DW those things are far more than scenery. The things around the PC’s are an excellent source for moves:

    crumbling columns knocked over by an ogre, tipping bookshelves threatening to pin the halfling, rugs pulled from under a hero, fire caused by a broken lantern, panicked livestock crashing through the area, etc.


  5. Jeremy Friesen I have to revisit the starting a game material.  It has been some time since I read it.  Thanks for highlighting this for me!  John Lewis thanks for the reminder.  I feel that this is an area I would fall down in normally but I have to remind myself to use the game fiction just as much as the rules.  Thanks!

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