14 thoughts on “Is there a Sorcerer playbook?”

  1. Use the Heritage moves in J. Walton’s Planarch Codex supplement: these substitute your race move and allow you to play monsters of all kinds and have cool, and very powerful, monster moves. She could play a fire elemental through Heritage Moves, and choose any class.

    Also, what does she mean by “Sorcerer”? what’s the difference, in her view, between a Wizard and a Sorcerer, and what is putting her off the Wizard base class?

  2. What makes a sorcerer different from a wizard? A lot of how magic works in DW can depend on how you describe your magic. If sorcerer doesn’t mean something fundamentally different from wizard, just use the wizard playbook. Also, good playbooks are hard work.

  3. As Delos Adamski  suggested, there is a great playbook in Grim World, the Channeler. Here’s his catch phrase:


    conduit to raw magic, elemental summoner 

    “I am the gateway.”

    Let the mages wield their spellbooks and grand wisdom. None of them 

    have what throbs inside of you: a conduit to pure magic. Your body is 

    the gateway, like a dam holding back an ocean of power. “Does it hurt?” 

    They alway s ask. As if the scars you bear are not answer enough. You 

    think you know the cost, but truly, how much can flesh weather? You 

    expect you’ll find out, one way or another.

    He can use the element. He can wield, wear the element. And he suffer when he does… Nice. Also, you will find other fantastic playbooks inside: the Battlemaster (a leader, a mastermind), the Skirmisher (a spartan, a warrior that fight in team), the Slayer (a sort of Gatsu from Berserk 😀 ) and so on. Great book.

  4. Wow. You guys respond quickly.

    I asked her what she thought the difference as between wizard and sorcerer. She respond that “wizards are usually limited to spell books and spells per day and I hate that s#!t.”

    Reading all the responses, it seems that mage may fit.

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