Happy holidays everyone!

Happy holidays everyone!

Happy holidays everyone!

Inspired by Stephanie Bryant’s Krampus in Dungeon World adventure, I wrote up a little present — a base class for The Krampus. It’s a sort of mash-up of the Santa and Krampus archetypes, with the starting moves:

 * The Naughty List

 * Down Through the Chimney

 * I Look Good Without a Shirt

 * Kidnap Sack

 * Snicker Snatch



6 thoughts on “Happy holidays everyone!”

  1. Interesting idea, but some thoughts: Someone should always be naughty or nice, how would you be on neither? In snicker snatch, the last choice is -1 to kidnap but where is the kidnap move? Usurper doesn’t quite fit the theme as the other Drive’s; Love the No Toys For You move; Reindeer sleigh move, holy cow, possible 18 rations just for the Reindeer? I see how that’s a powerful move but that’s a lot of rations.

    Would be a neat class for a Christmas themed game.

  2. Damian Jankowski Thanks for the feedback! I updated the class sheet some.

     * naughty, nice or neither: I thought I’d leave the possibility open for games where there were some supernatural creatures or truly neutral ones that don’t really have a set of morals to break. It’s up the the GM, though, whether they want to offer the neither option.

     * kidnap: Good catch.”Kidnap” was the name of the move while I was still roughing it out.

     * usurper: Very right. I swapped this one out with “notoriety,” which seems more appropriate and is also a little more in line with the idea of being a fan of the characters.

     * 18 rations: I wondered about that, too. My thinking: dungeon rations are 3 coins for 5 uses, so at most using the reindeer would cost you about 5 – 10 coins. “Passage on a tough route” is 10 coins, and “Passage on a dangerous route” is 100 coins, so the 5 – 10 coin cost fits well within those rates, especially considering that there isn’t a limit to where your reindeer can take you.

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