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  1. $29 after shipping is a good price. I have never seen the rule book available in any store or convention – and I have a good selection of both in my area. I don’t know why DW isn’t being stocked.

  2. After shipping, it looks like Indie Press Revolution is a bit more expensive, but it includes the PDF. You certainly don’t need the PDF, the text is all in the SRD, but I found it convenient for reading on my tablet.

  3. IPR said it would be 15 bucks to ship it to Michigan, for a total of 40. I’m willing to pay less even if that means I don’t get the PDF.

    But yeah, I’ve been talking to the FLGS’ in my area and they don’t have it stocked and neither does Alliance, according to the shop owners. I’ll pull the trigger on NKG if it comes to it but I’d prefer to get it cheaper or trade for it. I’m a little poor, the holiday season not making it any easier. But at the same time, for the first time in over 5 years, I think I can get together some folks to run this game.

  4. Jim Crocker I agree, that is a good price for retail. I was hoping for something a little more personal, a used copy from a generous soul. But it seems like everyone is holding onto their copy. I think that must be a good sign. 😛

  5. Jim Crocker you have a contact for Bits & Mortar? Our official stance is anyone who buys the hard copy can get the PDF by emailing us, but I’d love to take the email bit out of that.

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