Hey Jon

Hey Jon

Hey Jon,

Any chance of someone writing up the most excellent ‘Posse Creation’ bonds into the Planarch Codex style PDF handout? Or add them somewhere to the character sheets? I love this part of play and always add it to the one-shot WoD Intro spiel. Instant factions and all that.

Love your work mate 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hey Jon”

  1. I think I wrote that long before most of the rest of Dark Heart, but there’s still some good ideas there. Glad you’re making good use of them! I guess I need to make addition ones for the other base classes beyond the Red Book. Any suggestions?

  2. oooh, well I’d just been adapting a character’s typecast, as per their WoDu skill selections to the four listed. Though I think a paladin type and ranger type may be useful and divergent enough to give some more ‘unique’ ties to each other and Dis.

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