14 thoughts on “Howdy folks! Say, has anybody worked up a Rat Catcher?”

  1. Catch rats! I’d love to see one, though I’m not sure it would have enough to make a full base class. Maybe a compendium class? Or the thing that I’ve been messing with where you have a race-alternative background and then a compendium class keyed on it? (So you choose “Rat Catcher” instead of Elf or whatever at first level, then can choose Rat Catcher moves as you level up.)

  2. The idea is to ask who the Pied Piper was. He was more than just a rat catcher. He was also a con man. A Bard. An entertainer. A child trafficker. A thief. A ranger stuck in the city. Think of Maurice an his amazing talking rats. (For instance). Catching rats is just one of his things. If you flesh out the character the moves will follow. 

  3. To be fair, guys, this is posted in the Compendium Classes section rather than the Base Classes section. I don’t think the OP would expect 30 moves either. 😛

    Anywho, just for kicks…

    When you successfully rid a city of plague rats, you may take the following move on your next level up:

    A Feast Fit For a Rat King

    When you have some down time to go out hunting, set your Rats to 2. When you catch a rat, add 1 Rat. When a move asks you to mark of rations, you may instead mark off one Rat. You may feed other characters Rats, but if you do, they gained the Sickened condition; if they are already Sickened, they may not consume Rats. Your Rat collection has weight 2.

    Once you’ve taken A Feast Fit For a Rat King, add the following to your list of possible advances:

    Pied Piper

    When you use the threat of plague and your unique ability to remove it as Leverage, you may Parley using WIS instead of CHA.

    Squeaky squeak squeaker squeakin’

    You can communicate with rats and other similar rodents, and can attempt to Parley with them as though they were intelligent. If you possess the Spirit Tongue move, take a +1 to Parley due to your verbal verisimilitude.

    Fancy Maille

    Ignore the weight of your Rats. When you have 3 or more Rats, take +1 armor.

    Fly, My Pretties!

    You may Volley using your Rats as a thrown weapon. They have range Near. Mark off Rats rather than Ammo if a move calls for the latter.

  4. Oh…wow, weaponized rats! Thanks for the responses folks! I’m a DW newbie. Haven’t even run my first game yet. But I had a plot idea centered around Rat Catchers flitting about in my belfry and since I’ve been orbiting around DW of late, I thought I’d check in to see if that “career” from Warhammer might translate into a playbook for DW. Maybe the small but vicious dog needs a playbook.

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