9 thoughts on “Has anyone tried converting this to DW?”

  1. Sucks that the guy working on Iron World got asked to take it down. I mean, no way Privateer Press would’ve let him publish a book without permission, but it seems mean to axe a personal, non-commercial project.

    Too bad, as I was kicking around the idea of statting up some Hordes Warbaeasts, Units, and Solos as DW monsters. I think I still will, I’ll just have to file off the serial numbers a bit…

  2. Okay, just read that guy’s post.  That’s really shitty that he was asked not to even post about their setting anymore.  I won’t lie, when stuff like that happens, it does affect my opinion of a company.

    Also, Adam Koebel, I doubt that’s it.  Just because no one really cares about the ennies (Not a shot at you guys, after all, do you really need an award to tell you that your work has value?)

  3. This kind of bullcrap from game companies pisses me off to no end and is the reason I have no respect for PP and wont buy their products. There have been issues in the pas with them going after people for even creating player content for the system on public sites as well. its just a poor way to function in this day and age when competition is a dime a dozen. /rant.off

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