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  1. I had considered doing this as well, and was going to go with rank-based playbooks with a “choose 2 of the following 5” starting powers type structure.  I’d love to see what someone else comes up with.

    Tim Franzke I’m not the OP, but for me, I really don’t enjoy the conflict system in Burning games, and much prefer the mechanics of *World games.  I also love the premise and setting of Mouse Guard, and thing a *World version of MG would be awesome.

  2. Anyway. 

    I feel like a Tenderpaw in MG should feel way over their head in a lot of things. They are kind of like The Villager playbook in that way but can bring something new to the Guard. 

    So a Tenderpaw could have a move like 

    “When you do something completly out of your league” with bad stuff happening on a 10+ too. Like choose 3/choose 1 bad thing that happens on a 7-9/10+.

    But also a thing they are especially good at that is outside of the Guards stuff. Spurcetruck Science is a good example for that.

    A Patrol Leader on the other hand should all be about managing the patrol and making the others better and teaching the tenderpaw. A bit like a AW Hardholder/Touchstone really.

    The Patrol Guard is really self sufficient and the playbook should reward you for doing things yourself or your way.  

  3. Mouse Guard Agenda: 

    Portray a world murderous to mice 

    Fill the characters’ lives with impossible missions

    Play to find out what happens

    Mouse Guard Principles: 

    Draw maps, leave blanks

    Address the characters, not the players

    Make the characters feel like little mice

    Make a move that follows

    Never speak the name of your move

    Play every animal according to its nature

    Play every mouse according to their wants

    Play the world as a harsh tyrant

    Name every mouse

    Ask questions and use the answers

    Be a fan of the characters

    Think dangerous

    Begin and end with the fiction

    Think offscreen, too

  4. I think we could maybe look at the Growing Up moves from MH as a template. tenderpaw has to earn these four moves, two at a time, in order to become a guardmouse (guardmouse already has them). But if you go through the experience of being a tenderpaw, you get a small bonus compared to a starting guardmouse.

  5. You could either play the traveling patrol but then you would loose some of the collective world building of world games. 

    If you play a Patrol relegated to a specific place you could do more of this and deal with the social problems of a place and its relation to the Guard. In that way MG is a lot like Apocalypse World. 

  6. You would also maybe need a different “combat system” since most animals you encounter are on a 16hp dragon level. 

    H&S might work with Mouse vs. Mouse/Weasel/Squirrel but not against a Fox or Badger or Bear. 

    Against such animals you either can’t deal damage at all or are in a position where they can’t do that much against you. So fighting a big animal is all about finding their weak spot and then getting there without getting munched on. Oh. A fox would also probarbly kill you in 2 “attacks” (unless you are Celanawe)

  7. Tim Franzke I love your GM principles for Mouse World. Talking about combat, it really requires a different ficcional approaching (except for the bear, he is almost a god for the mice).

    Adam Koebel I was thinking of bringing together the key movements in a mouse guard class.

  8. Adam Koebel I got lost in that GM / Player turns myself.  When I was reading the book, I had to stop.  Re-read it again.  Then stop.  Then re-read it again.

    Admittedly, until now I feel its an odd mechanic.

  9. I have been working in a personal hack of mouse guard that I have unresolved issues releasing into the general populous due to the intellectual properties involved. That being said the classes I built were TenderPaw, Scout, Engineer, Scientist, Soldier, and Patrol Leader. A lot of the ideas mentioned here are in my hack.

  10. In this thread posted on Mouse Guard forum someone made general questions about copyright. It’s fine, since we follow some rules: 

    You cannot reprint any of Luke’s text. 

    You cannot reprint any of David’s art.

    You can design your own piece that references the Mouse Guard book and its rules.

    So… let’s share our wonderfull MG playbooks! (I’m too curious to see what you have done Mr. Dan Cetorelli) 


  11. Well given the guidelines posted concerning mouse guard hacks I think what I have built falls into the realm of acceptable hacks. so here is the link to what I have made. 


    This is very much a work in progress and it is going through a lot of revision. I have had several one shot play test and they have worked out well but campaign play is where it may fall down a bit. Would like to heard any constructive comments anyone may have and if you play it let me know how it went.

  12. Tim Franzke Mouse Guard RPG did not have been translated to brazilian portuguese. For this, there are many fans that would love to play it but can not, because they don’t are not able to read even a page in english language.

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