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So… there’s a new Planarch Codex supplement, and I just finished the first draft. It’s pretty weird! But I hope people dig it. Definitely still needs to be played and edited, and will probably always be a free thing. I have some thoughts on future changes too, but this is good enough for now.

Now back to the other projects demanding my immediate attention!

Special shout-out to: Claudia Cangini Paolo Bosi Nikitas Thlimmenos and Ben Wray for being responsible for this madness.

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  1. you tagged me before I could tag you 🙂

    oh, and there’s a thing about a woman in a dream that reminded me of Zenobia. In the complex, strange and beautiful. I didn’t expect nothing less, and I have to find the time to try and play it, even if I wanted to take some time away from the PbtA games…

  2. I have to say, I have some amazing new ideas for love letters to open con games. 

    Well, except the one that involves moving furniture. I have a feeling I’m not going to find a convention center that’s cool with that any time soon.

  3. here in melbourne, all the gaming cons ar ein high school buildings. Usually, the gaming rooms are full of desks and chairs we have to move anyway… I’ve been in games that used the furniture as a central part of the game before. it’s fun. 

  4. Nikitas Thlimmenos Right now it’s a campaign-length hack of The Quiet Year with some AW elements. You play punk-rock space freighter crewmembers with a web of personal obligations.

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