Getting back to our DW campain started a while ago.

Getting back to our DW campain started a while ago.

Getting back to our DW campain started a while ago. I’m really excited! I’m thinking about custom moves for my threats, and I wonder if you guys had come up with some similar custom moves :

– One demonic foe with the appearence of a noble Lord has a suggestion-like power. I’m thinking of move like “When you oppose to the Lord’s will while he stares at you, roll Wis”. On a hit, you do it, ok, but on a 7-9, you take -1 forward, unless you resign. But that’s not really cool.

– Did someone come up with a nice custom torture move?

– How about a custom move when the players are the target of a “Pain and Suffering” spell? A simple -1 is so boring…

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  1. How about just adding a monster move? Something like:

    * When a character fails to resist, the demon noble influences their actions.

    That way, the GM can trigger it on a failure and make as hard a move as the fiction demands. Maybe on a failed hack and slash the demon noble turns your blade sideways, into an ally’s back, or maybe it makes you dance a slow waltz while it completes the ritual.

  2. If it’s a custom move, I’d go with something like:

    The demon projects a glamour of kinship. When you take action that would directly harm the demon, roll +Wis. On a 10+ you resist the glamour and can act against it. On a 7-9 you can’t quite bring yourself to hurt family; you can only harm the demon indirectly.

  3. I actually quite like what I came up with! Think I’ll add them both to pirate world’s Mermaids, who entice ships onto rocks, and drag men into the depths to lay their eggs in.

  4. I’ll have a go at a torture move: When you resist torture, roll+CON. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.

    – The torture does not leave you seriously injured.

    – Your captors are terrified of you.

    – You learn how your captors are vulnerable.

  5. Thank you guys for these interesting suggestions! This made me think more deeply at what’s at stake, for each situations.

    – I could use the “manipulation” on a 6-. But then, it tends to be more direct – and less subtle. I prefer the “glamour of kinship” version, but I like keeping the players free to decide what their PC does :  if you fail, you CAN do it, but at a cost.

    – Very keen suggestion : learn about the captors! I had not even thought about it…

  6. “You don’t reveal a secret” is fair enough, but I’d prefer to say that when the player resists torture, they resist torture. And if they roll a 6-, the GM can’t say “you give in,” because that’s lame. Instead, tell them the consequences and ask. “If you refuse to talk, they’re going to cut off your hand. What do you do?”

    (Also, you don’t need a custom move for submitting to torture. If the character says “stop, I’ll tell you what you want to know,” that triggers Parley.)

  7. I would make a “withstand torture” move +WIS instead of +CON, but maybe that would be a different kind of move. Somebody can be physically robust but still cry like a baby when they experience pain; it strikes me that force of will is what would allow a victim to truly resist the effects. So as GM I would use +WIS, but then ask the victim to defy danger with CON if the fiction called for it, in order to resist falling unconscious or suffering some lasting negative effect.

  8. When you are taken into the Dunjon of Krall,

    – You are humiliated, degraded or maimed. You need not say how, but note a permament change on your character sheet.

    – You give up a secret, or make a confession, truthful or otherwise. No-one cares.

    – Choose 1:

    • You die

    • Time passes – days, months, or years. You are then taken into the Dunjon of Krall

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