Ran Dungeonworld last night over skype.

Ran Dungeonworld last night over skype.

Ran Dungeonworld last night over skype. Fun was had by all! All 3 of my regular players showed up, so we had Karl the wizard, Ted the rogue, and Astryr the ranger.

Last time, they had killed a bunch of bandits; in the lair, hidden in a box in the floor, they found 3 bottles. One was brown glass, one was clear, partly filled with pink powder, and the third was red and gold glass, plainly valuable.

The brown glass bottle turned out to contain a very strong emetic, 6 doses if used cautiously for medicinal treatment, or one dose if you want to render someone incapacitated for a few hours, and maybe risk killing them.

The pink bottle smells strongly of cherries and oranges; the ranger associates the smell with a childhood remedy for lung disease that once attacked her village (I’m thinking it is either a cure disease or healing potion, once water is added).

And the red bottle contains a Genie. Ted is very upset that it won’t LEAVE, giving him the 300+coin bottle to dispose of! The others keep trying to tell him the genie will grant wishes, but he hasn’t decided that to his own satisfaction, yet, and the genie sure isn’t going to say so without a direct question!

They had a LOT of fun talking and negotiating with said genie, and next time we play, they are going to travel to Skalde-Hagen to do research on genies and satyrs (a problem still lingering from another session).