9 thoughts on “My first attempt at a base class. Still rough at this point. I would love some feedback!”

  1. I’m certainly not trying to discourage you, but is there a reason this has to be a base class? It looks to me as if these could be alternate class moves for either The Ranger or The Thief.

    I really like the hide in plain sight move, though I don’t think it needs to be as wordy as at currently is.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Christopher Stone-Bush . It may not need to be a base class, but in my experience (almost all one shots) nothing else gets played. I’d like for a player to be able to play this right out the gate.

    The hide in plain sight move is pretty much a rewording of the inverse world walkers “no one looks up” move. But thanks for the compliment!

  3. Oh sure. I wasn’t saying to make it a Compendium Class. I was suggesting that you take an existing class and write up some alternate moves that replace the standard class moves. For example, making a Two Weapon Fighting move that someone playing a Ranger can take instead of the standard Called Shot.

    So, I guess it would still be a base class, it wouldn’t be an entirely new one.

  4. Yeah, this definitely seems like it should be a variant class rather than a full base class – it’s stepping on some conceptual toes.

    You can also “cheat” by offering CCs that are available from level 1. It’s not exactly what CCs were meant for, but it lets you offer extra moves the players might want to take instead of class advances for when they level up.

  5. Or go the opposite route, and vary the class up enough that it defines its own niche! Just reading the comments Tim made in the g-doc, definitely seems like you could make a defining aspect out of the Cause (similar, but maybe even more so, to a Paladin’s Quest). It’s a great concept and totally doable, all it needs to be is versatile enough that it’s not rogue-esq or ranger-esq.

  6. I think you have a good start, but it feels like you’re missing something that says “I am a Guerrilla, this is what I fight for.”  Maybe I’m thinking more Romanticized Che Guevara Dude than Dude Who Is Basically Invisible In Natural Surroundings.

    Basically what I am saying is I’m with everyone else.  Give me Rebel Causes to fight for or give me death.

    (Also I really want Gorilla to be one of the racial/background options but you should probably not put that in the actual base class.)

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