11 thoughts on “Anyone have a good compendium for alternate races for Dungeon World?”

  1. Pirate World has a few non-traditional races which have full Backgrounds. If you like, I can send you a sneak preview:

    * Arachs, which are large armoured crustaceans, organised into mobs and gangs

    * Lizardmen, apex predators and volcano cultists

    * Amphibs, weird festering frog people.

  2. Gary Anastasio, Planarch Codex has HEritage Moves, which substitute races and in my opinion are so much cooler 😉 otherwise, all the sources mentioned above are really cool! 

    Mondo Sotterraneo, the Italian DW fanzine, just came out with its first number, and there’s optional “Origins” to substitute the races with.  A hope an english version will be available soon! 

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