17 thoughts on “Hi there! Is there some Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire) color hack material around for DW?”

  1. Excuseme Game of thrones is simple to be played with Experience Engine, because the game already manage protagonist may die in particular scenes … you can play the story from all the protagonist (every family) and so… i think is very easy to make a specific game about that! Luca Maiorani we have to make a specific hack for that, it’s amazing! I thought about it now! 

  2. I’ll be more specific: I don’t want to play A Song of Ice and Fire as a RPG, I’m looking specifically for Dungeon World stuff to look at, because I want to be in the right mindset to create Compendium classes, monsters, personalized moves and the like. I’d just like to know if someone already did some stuff and see how it could inspire me.

  3. DW is really not the best fit thematically for the source material. They are completely different things and the system will fight you of you want to use it. Parley not working on PCs is an example of that.

  4. My current game, through improvising answers to GM questions and through no intentional direction, wound up with.

    1)  Multiple Kingdoms loosely connected politically by a single High Lord.

    2)  Corrupt Nobility, conspiring & backstabing.

    3)  A physical barrier seperating the kingdoms from the icy barbaric wastes.

    4)  Dragons have re-appeared across the sea.

  5. Well you are still lacking intrigue enabling moves and kingdom management and battle rules…

    Why use a hammer for the screw when there is a screwdriver? (It is sonic)

  6. Look, I appreciate the critique and the insights, but right now I was just looking for some DW stuff for GoT, not a discussion about “how is it better to play GoT”. Further informations just miss the point… that is, if you were talking to me and not to Joseph…

  7. …you told me that it plays very differently from DW. I’m looking for DW stuff because I want to write DW stuff and I’d like to see how someone else faced the topic, that’s all.

    It’s really a simple yes/no question, “do you know some DW stuff inspired to ASOIAF?”, nothing more than that!

  8. Likewise, there’s another hack for AW written by The Jank Cast called “The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power” or “SCUP” for short. You’ll have to contact them for a copy of their playtest; I don’t think it’s public yet.

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