GOOD NEWS! (backgrounds attached)

GOOD NEWS! (backgrounds attached)

GOOD NEWS! (backgrounds attached)

#pirateworld got a backup printing quote, and it’s cheaper than I had hoped! £25 UK/ $40 US/ €29.50 in EU.

That’s a hardback, 180 page with colour a4 (letter size) book delivered through your front door 🙂

Even better, I’ll be printing all the books in UK and distributing it myself, so I can offer a reward where I customise the books for people too! I’m so happy. As I’m feeling awesome, here’s a sneak preview of a few Backgrounds with a temporary layout!  NB the cultist is my favourite, as it has a clear fictional progression that I’m looking to make in ALL the backgrounds.

Kickstarter goes live in 18 hours, ten minutes: at 12.01 pm British Time tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS! (backgrounds attached)”

  1. I have to say this. As a rule I’m not much for the pirate thing. Never really got the craze, though I understand the inherent coolness of them from when I was a kid.

    However, these backgrounds have a really dark emphasis. I should say they have a deeply intriguing dark emphasis. This makes me think that, whether I actually run a pirate themed game or not, this book is looking like a gold mine of material making it worth my attention on that alone.

  2. Brilliant! One of my aims was to make a book that didn’t just rely solely on pirates, or the setting, and instead has absolutely tons of content that can fit right into any Dungeon World game. Glad to hear it’s looking like that, I’m finding it quite hard to get across just how much content there is that has been designed deliberately to slot into any setting!

  3. Well you should definitely throw out sneak peaks like this that showcase that fact. The name already tells people there’s pirate material, but those of us who don’t fancy running/playing a pirate game will ignore the posts unless we see something like this that slaps us upside the head and demands we Defy Danger to resist backing it. 😉

  4. Yeah, the formatting is definitely temporary! There’s a voodoo-based class as one of the 7 core classes; the Witch Doctor, they also guide souls into the underworlds and gain power from their defeated foes.

  5. I am excited for the kickstarter to go live. I’ve been impressed with a lot of the ideas you have shared with us. Good luck and I will definitely be backing your project.

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