For traveling, distances are measured in rations (or days?).

For traveling, distances are measured in rations (or days?).

For traveling, distances are measured in rations (or days?). If the party has horses or some other means of transport, how does this change the rate of movement? One day’s travel on horseback equals how many days on foot?

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  1. Mount rules are already a thing coming.

    Horses could also make a p. journey not perilous anymore because you are much faster and can escape an ambush. That is a significant bonus of having a mount that doesn’t need any custom moves.

  2. When you travel through the bandit infested plains while mounted, it’s not a per. Journey.

    It doesn’t help in the wyrmdrake mountains. Only with things that can be avoided by horse.

  3. I’m not sure being mounted saves you from ambush. Mounted riders can be brought down with ranged attacks, as can the horse (ranged and melee really). In fact, unless riding a warhorse, it’s entirely possibly a pack of raiding gnolls could spook the mount, throwing the rider (Defy Danger to stay mounted), etc. I would stay with bonus to Perilous Journey more than anything. In the real world the benefits versus going on foot would be time (horses can and will move faster/farther than a human’s natural stride over time) and endurance (riding for hours is a different kind of tired, but preferable to walking for hours). My two cents anyway.

  4. what?! UaPJ is triggered When you travel through hostile territory. It doesn’t address how or for how much you travel through it or mounting what! It’s a common mistake to refer to the move just by its name and not taking into account the actual trigger. A hostile territory is hostile whether you’re mounted or not. Sure, if you have a flying mount, then you could consider the sky as a friendly territory…

    You travel mounted? Good for you! It will affect possible hard moves and your actual speed.

    To cover the same distance, you consume the same number of rations (since there are two of you eating now), but it takes half the actual time to arrive. Traveling by horse (and by horse I mean, by being mounted) actually improves your daily speed; not only they “walk” faster than us,  but horses are also less affected by hindering terrain and obviously they tire way slower.

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