13 thoughts on “In tonight’s game I will use the preview of the war supplement.”

  1. Wynand Louw on my hard drive, mostly. A fairly old preview is available to the Adventurer’s Guild, but we’ve done a lot of work (and thrown out a lot of that work) sicne then.

  2. Rough outline, very subject to change:

    Introduction covers what the book is, how o use it to start a new DW game, how to add it to your ongoing game, and how to use it tonight.

    The next chapter covers how to make the invading army using either a skeleton we provide or a more open ended set of steps.

    The player chapter has new race-like backgrounds (think like the barbarian’s Outsider), some compendium class type things that revolve on those backgrounds, some general compendium classes, and probably some new spells and moves and stuff.

    The next chapter covers making monsters specific to war, some war magic items, and other GM ephemera.

    The next chapter is the one we previewed: how to handle large combats. It’s more or less a free kriegspiel in the mold of Verdy du Vernois: more of a GM toolkit for making principled decisions in portraying the battlefield than a tabletop wargame. It comes with some battle-specific GM moves and principles.

  3. Update: the party got side-tracked sabotaging the Goliath’s base of operations, so the grand battle will be next week. But they succeeded in severely messing up the Goliath war effort, so they’ve got a better chance now. 

  4. James Hawthorne we’re taking a “it’s done when it’s done” approach. we’ve been through enough scrapped ideas for this that we don’t want to rush anything. We’re committed to at least giving Kickstarter backers our development notes by the end of the year, as a show of progress, but I hope to have it further along than that.

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