DRAFT: More material from That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: More material from That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: More material from That Ancient Serpent


The blood cults of Dis liaise with kidnappers, freebooters, slavers, and other miscreants to conduct a regular trade in “the water of life” and other “treasures of the body.” The most renowned broker of such wares is the Scarlet Vault, which is both an organization and the heavily guarded repository it runs, where individuals and beasts with rare bloodlines are imprisoned and harvested at a rate just slow enough to keep them alive.

Common targets of the Vault include black sheep members of dragonblooded families, but the repository serves a wide variety of cultic, monstrous, and wizarding clients with a variety of needs and discriminating tastes.

To create a job involving the Scarlet Vault, first roll up a random client (see Dark Heart) and then roll on the table below to determine the nature of the job:

1. The Vault has kidnapped a loved one (or prized servant?)

2. The Vault victimized them in the past and they want revenge.

3. They find the Vault to be a horrific blight that must be destroyed.

4. They are a rival dealer in body parts and fluids, and want the Vault’s trade disrupted or halted.

5. They are a jilted former client or partner and want what the Vault owes them.

6. The Vault has dangerous plans to synthesize dragon blood, which risk a massive outbreak of the draconic plague; these plans must not proceed.

If the job is undertaken, halfway through completing the job, consider rolling again to determine your client’s true motives.

Details on the Vault and the threats it contains will follow below.

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  1. P.P.S. If you roll the same result twice on the job table, your client is head of security for the Vault and is hiring you to test their defenses.

  2. Chamber of the Carnifex Purveyor

    I don’t care what those words mean!

    (So I remember “That Ancient Serpent” from when it was crusaders fighting an evil dragon-plague…I know you re-purposed the name for something Planarch Codex-related, but can you refresh my memory what this will be?)

  3. Gregor Vuga Sure! That Ancient Serpent will be a campaign supplement for the Planarch Codex, describing the city being vexed by a plague that causes its victims to transform permanently into dragons. It’s based on that earlier idea, definitely.

    – Pitch & Cover is here: https://plus.google.com/111694100408744715863/posts/YDnhGXYscDh#111694100408744715863/posts/YDnhGXYscDh

    – Some earlier material is here: https://plus.google.com/111694100408744715863/posts/fqwVctDnG1A#111694100408744715863/posts/fqwVctDnG1A

    – Outline is here: https://plus.google.com/111694100408744715863/posts/Gj66BxKPcJK#111694100408744715863/posts/Gj66BxKPcJK

  4. Matt Stuart Thanks! I wanted some way of showing that everything involving the Vault is corrupted by the awful nature of their business. I’m interested to see it in play!

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