DRAFT: Material from That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: Material from That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: Material from That Ancient Serpent


When you are exposed to the draconic plague, roll+Con. On a 10+, you manage to avoid infection. On a 7-9, your immune system manages to fight it off, but you don’t feel great; take -1 Con until you get 3-5 days rest, plenty of water, and some decent food. On a miss, it’s taken solid hold; start an INFECTION countdown and fill in the first box.

Not all species or individuals have the same susceptibility to the plague. To determine your vulnerability, roll+species modifier as follows:

– mostly human (-2) – part human (-1) – human-ish (+0)

– not particularly human (+1)

– fairly inhuman (+2)

– completely inhuman (+3)

On a 12+, you’re completely immune. On a 10-11, you have a natural immunity, but it will degrade with repeated exposure; start a countdown with five boxes: every time you get a 7-9 or 6- on an exposure roll, fill in half a box or a full box, respectively. On a 7-9, as above, but you only get two boxes of immunity. On a miss, no boxes.

The Church of the Font of the Hippocrene has the power to restore boxes of immunity as well as the power to delay (but not stop) the infection and transformation process.

3 thoughts on “DRAFT: Material from That Ancient Serpent”

  1. Hmm, yeah, you’re probably right. I mean, that’s kinda what being infected is like (I think those rules are coming next), but it would be nice to make wrestling with the disease more interesting. I mean, I figure that freebooters are unlikely to get good food and rest, so it really just begins a spiral of your Con get whittled down until you get infected, but there could be other stuff happening too.

  2. I was just looking for a fun way to pressure the infected into acting like a dragon. And by pressure, I mean, give them a good excuse to rock out draconic.

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