9 thoughts on “Tonight’s episode of Adventure Time is called Dungeon Train.”

  1. I had forgotten about Ghost Lines and I wasn’t aware of Iron Dragon. Thanks!

    Tim Franzke Oh, right. I funny think my high school German can handle role-playing. Or anything besides ordering beer.

  2. I’m thinking of a moving dungeon for my KotB campaign. Dunno if I should take notes before I watch the episode – reading the summary already killed some of my ideas:

    – A moving dungeon that you can board to travel the land (assuming you survive whatever lurks in the cars).

    – An ancient underground line, powered by forgotten magic that could be rejuvenated. You’d need to clear the tracks first from all the rubble… and monsters.

    – A flying, invisible, astral train that will sweep you from the material plane if you’re peeking into a portal. 

    In any case, I’ll add something to my Underdark map and see if the players bite.

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