DRAFT: Material for That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: Material for That Ancient Serpent

DRAFT: Material for That Ancient Serpent


Several months back, Dis broke through the barrier between planes and established a beachhead on a nameless desert world that freebooters have begun calling the Dead Expanse. This new planar connection was not immediately discovered because (1) the Dead Expanse has been uninhibited for at least 1,000 years, it’s former inhabitants having perished or emigrated elsewhere, and (2) Dis invaded through the immense underground tombs that remain, but these endless foul-smelling corridors are not obviously distinguishable from the bowels of the ravenous city.

The tomb complex is described below, but note especially the presence of a mummified dragon corpse, one whose flesh is preserved enough to carry the draconic plague. Both PCs and adventurous NPCs are prime carriers of the disease. Indeed, the plague may be beginning to spread through Dis before the PCs ever accept or concoct a job to plunder the tombs of their secrets.


– dragon corpse

– infected freebooters

– undead (infected?)

– ancient traps and machines

– tomb guardians

– partially exposed to surface elements

– risk of partial collapse

– more loot than you can easily carry


– first temple area of Metroid Prime

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