2 thoughts on “Anyone discovered any 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th lvl spells yet?”

  1. We talked about it during WizardWeek but i found a quite good argument against it:

    They are not strictly needed. They add an extra level of complexety that that doesn’t create enough value from being there. Also then you only get 1 spell of every level, making the decisions harder. It would feel like you can’t really pick up a second level 2 spell because Level 3 > Level 2, at least in perception of people. 

  2. I can’t say that I’ve given a lot of thought to the potential value of even number level spells. While a DW Wizard does only learn one “freebie” spell of their choice per level, that does not mean that they can’t learn more spells than that along the way.

    I have a strong fondness for the olden days when Wizards needed to discover their new spells from scrolls and scribe them into their spell book. Finding a scroll in a long lost library or dragon’s hoard should make a Wizard’s heart beat race a little bit!

    Given the possibility of finding undiscovered spells, or creating one yourself via Ritual, I wouldn’t write off the possibility of setting a spell at 2nd level, for example, rather than 1st or 3rd, to fine tune its relative value in daily preparation.

    +/- 0.02

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