So… it was a Dungeon World birthday for my ten year old son. Many were slain, many innkeepers were threatened for some reason, a few evils were vanquished, and much chaos ensued. Skyrim Dark Brotherhood punch and note added because it was well… fun.

Gelatinous Cube snacks were surprisingly devoured, gold coins much the same, lizard man eyeballls…. Were gone by the morning. Wrangling that many eight, nine, and ten year old kids was a feat of epic proportions. The kids went home with an adventure of epic proportions to relay to their parents, though. A great evening was had by all.

5 thoughts on “So.”

  1. That was the reaction to the Sanctuary spell going off that everyone made fun of him for setting up. We’re safe in the Count’s castle, what could possibly go wrong, right?

  2. The two completely new players kept asking about the relevance of the Queenof the Demonweb Pits and Final Enemy screens I was using (old habits die hard you really have nothing much to screen in DW right?) and wouldn’t believe they were just there to divide my area. They kept waiting for this spider woman to pounce out of the shadows and maybe following tabletop discussion Lloth should have shown up, right? 😉

    It’s funny how the kids love DW and actually declare it as better than even GASP video games in that they do have total freedom and that DW encourages cool moves and florid description. My son shares his birthday with two of the other guests and I gave them a copy of DW for their birthdays and rumor from the schoolyard is that I’ll be retiring from running games for awhile as one of them has big plans for a new game. I’ll keep everyone posted how that works out.

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