20 thoughts on “Working on moves for players riding dragons and engaging in WWI style dog-fighting.”

  1. Travis Scott is your guy. Dogfighting is all about control of altitude and energy. Climbs and dives present kinetic trade-offs, and if the weapon of choice is dragon fire I’d make that something that saps kinematic as well as physical energy.

  2. Perhaps something like this:


    When you fight on dragon-back, you have a new stat called Altitude (ALT). When you start the fight above an opponent, it starts at +1. When you start the fight at the same altitude, it starts at +0. When you start the fight below your opponent, it starts at -1. When you roll a 10+ to hack and slash or volley, you can treat it as a 7-9 to gain +1 Altitude. When you deal damage, you can spend all your altitude to swoop down and deal a devastating strike, rolling 1 damage die for each Altitude spent and taking the highest result. If your Altitude is negative, you take that as a penalty to hack and slash or volley.

  3. Thanks for all this great material guys. Here’s a first attempt:

    Marshall Miller’s move and some ideas gathered from Travis Scott’s suggestion about the Dicta Boelcke


    When you push your mount to climb roll + POW. On a 10+ you gain 2 Altitude. On a 7-9 gain choose: gain 1 or gain 2 and your reduce your mount’s Spark by 1.


    Altitude is the currency of a Arial battle. You may spend Altitude at any time to:

    * Gain speed.

    * Put yourself in an opponent’s blind-spot (Placing yourself in the sun’s glare, hiding in a cloud, etc).

    * Make an evasive maneuver. 

    * Get in close to a target. Take +1 forward on your next attack against that target. 

    * Put yourself behind a rival Dragoon.

    * Maintain a tailing position on a rival Dragoon. 

    * Get a clear line to a location.

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