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  1. I think most of the starting moves need to be tightened up.

    Bomb Kit: Ditch all the other weapons on the starting gear list, the bomb kit is your awesome signature weapon. You can craft new bombs when you make camp and reset your ammo to 3, but more importantly, you get to choose which tags you use every time you attack (sticky, fire, smoke, etc). Later, advance moves let you choose new tags, or do weird stuff like “your bombs walk on tiny clockwork legs. When you Volley with your bomb kit, roll +INT.”

    Tinker: This move only affects PCs, so that’s easy. “When you modify someone’s equipment, you can automatically Aid or Interfere with them as though you had rolled a 10+.” And don’t bother giving yourself +1 forward, because you’re ALWAYS tinkering with your own equipment – that’s why you’re so awesome in the first place.

    Tool Kit: I don’t get this move. What’s it meant to do?

  2. This is a hick of the engineer class from Guild Wars 2.  I know it has some similarities with the Artificer, but that can’t really be helped.  I’m thinking about re-hauling the starting moves completely, I’ll post it when I’ve made the change.

  3. I’m trying to make the engineer more supportive in the game sense. Most of the powers I can think for him boost other people, or debug bad guys. In the story sense, the engineer is more technological, and less magical. His stuff isn’t magic infused bits, but actual battery operated, steam punk styled gadgets and tools. Less Mad Scientist and more Victorian adventurer

  4. Mmhm. Okay, so I don’t see any reason why the Artificer can’t do any of that, but that’s just my opinion, and I don’t know Guild Wars. But as far as adapting it for Dungeon World goes, I say forget about being “supportive in the game sense” and focus on what makes the Guild Wars Engineer cool. Stuff like attaching a sword-stealing magnet to the Fighter’s shield, or pinning a goblin to the ceiling using a glue grenade, is way cooler than +1 forward.

  5. I agree with Peter. There needs to be more of a focus on fictional moves, and less nickle and dime bonuses.

    A Helping Hand and Fire in the Hole feel like the same move with different targets. And Artifice is just the Wizard’s ritual. There is nothing there that really screams “Engineer” to me. (I’ve played GW2).

    The Engineer Kit move is the best one so far. But 8 charges is a huge number, especially if it can be supplemented by Adventurer’s Tools. For example, the Gladiator gets 2 arsenal(max 3) and can supplement it with picking up fallen enemies weapons.

    I would merge A Helping Hand and Fire in the Hole. Maybe something like:

    Engineer’s Kit:

    Your Engineer’s Kit is as part of you as your arm or leg. Hell, it could be part of an arm or leg. But what ever it looks like it always has the Tool you need. A “Tool” for the Engineer is a very vague term that can be anything from a wrench to a Pneumatic Glue Launcher. Choose the Look of your Engineer’s Kit.

    (options here)

    Your Engineer’s kit can hold up to 3 Tools. Your Tool count will reset when you stay at a town. Or you can use Adventure Tool’s one-for-one to replace your Tools. 

    Tool Belt: Your Tool Belt always has the right tool for the Job. Describe what tool you are using and how it you use it then roll +Tools on a 10+ It goes exactly how you plan, On a 7-9 it works but there are complications choose one: 

    -You draw unwanted attention to your self

    -The Tool works in a way that was unexpected

    -You use up 1 Tool

    Turret: When you engineer a stationary turret roll +INT One a 10+ Hold 3 On a 7-9 Hold 2 *On a miss you still hold 1 on addition to what ever the GM says. You can spend Hold to make a Turret move:

    -shoots jets of flame

    -heals a player for 2hp

    – Shoots a net immobilizing a foe

    -Shake the ground making all near by foes stumble

    (you can add advanced moves to add to this list.)

  6. Michael Verstelle Those are nice. Lots of fun stuff to play with there.

    How does turret healing work? A high-velocity salvo of salve? A gust of perfumed wind to dispel any lingering miasma? A bracing galvanic shock?

    Also, for what it’s worth, the Wizard’s Ritual move is pretty damn close to the Savvyhead’s Workspace in Apocalypse World. It’s very broad and not something you’ll use to solve most problems, but when you wanna build a giant clockwork butterfly, it’s not a bad move to have.

  7. Also, yeah, nickel-and-diming +1 bonuses is a terrible idea in Dungeon World. If you’ve got +4 to a roll (which can happen even if you just use the core playbooks and moves), you can’t fail unless you roll snake eyes.

  8. I guess I’m in the middle here, as I have played GW2 but never have played Apocalypse world. 

    I threw in the healing turret because it is a move the Engineer in GW2 has. He also has a rocket launching turret, and a rifle turret. But you make a good point; a turret that heals makes less sense from a Dungeon World point of view then a Guild Wars one.

  9. Oh, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m genuinely excited by the prospect of healing people using SCIENCE! (Although I guess it’s probably more of a Tool Belt thing than a Turret thing.)

  10. I’m glad so many people are interested in this! Great ideas all around, the Engineer is a little harder for me to get my head around because I never played it much in GW2, instead I’m going on what I always see from the engineers. That being the kits and the turrets.

    I know nickel and diming isn’t a big DW thing, but no class really gives out bonuses to rolls, and if any class was going to do it, why not the mathematical and technical engineer?

    The charges definitely need adjusting, I just want to encourage player use, and having a low amount might encourage “saving for the best moment” thoughts in players, with that moment being 5 seconds ago.

    Yah I gave the Engi a slightly altered Ritual, but that’s because when I think of a engineer in a movie, they almost always get a building montage, where they craft some new toy to play with. I wanted the player to be able to do that.

    Love the comments and ideas! Thanks for the help everybody.

  11. The is a reason there is no nickle and dime class: they aren’t very interesting in a Role Play heavy game that is DW.  For example:

    My friend plays an Artificer in one of our campaigns. We had to kidnap a elf for questioning. through a series of bad rolls we fail and the Elf was killed in battle before we could get to him. Our Artificer thinking on his feet created “Ectoplasmic Reversal Flask” on the fly. The Flask then sucked in the spirit of the dead Elf and holding it in, so we could find a mage to question the spirit for us.

    This was awesome, and allowed the Artificer to feel like the hero. Every Class should have that moment where they feel they are the only one capable of saving the day. That is why only having nickle and dime bonuses as your “thing” is not really a great idea. Yeah, making it so your friends only roll 7-9’s or 10’s might sound interesting on paper, but it doesn’t add anything to the fiction overall. Rolling a 6 isn’t bad in dungeon world; it actually is good because it creates far more compelling stories and pushes the fiction forward.

  12. I think I’m done with the engineer.  I can’t think of anyway to make the engi special without stepping on the toe so f what the artificer already does.  If someone else wants to take a stab at it, be my guest.

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