7 thoughts on “Ok, I’d say I’m happy with my Ninja.”

  1. This is quite a lot of fun. Couple of quick thoughts:

    1.) Trap moves, have you considered simply offering a move from the Rogue or Ranger books? This might offer more flexibility and mean that you don’t end up with two trap-monkeys.

    2.) I like Exploding Clone. In fact, I like the idea of splitting up one’s soul/shadow into clones so much that I’m sorry to see it only used by 2 moves. I would love to see more moves that imply that the ninja can divide himself up into clones, but also implies that these clone have some life of their own and that there may be some cost to this…

    Shadow Shard

    You can cut off part of your shadow and make a clone of yourself. This clone will follow your instructions and can take actions using your stats, but if it deals or suffer damage it will disapear.

    When you slice off a part of your shadow you can make a clone of yourself roll+ WIS. On a 10+ pick 1. On a 7-9 Pick 2.

    -It cannot speak

    -It is obviously a shadow

    -The process drains you. Take 1D6 Damage

    -It can only hold itself together for a matter of moments.

    On a 6- the clone has a life and will of its own.

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