15 thoughts on “What’s your favorite introduction to Dungeon World?”

  1. I actually did send the guide to a friend for that reason. It does a great job explaining what DW is all about, but it’s still a bit much. The creators of the Guide should write a teaser version…

  2. Another vote for the guide here. I had been skimming information from time to time on DW, but it wasn’t until I read the guide that it clicked and I though, “Oh man… I need to play this… now”.

  3. Do you think that’s a weakness or threat to DW? Some players, especially those new to RPGs might not have the attention span for the Guide, and I don’t think the DW home page does much to convey how cool it really is. I found out about it by way of Apocalypse World by way of a Monsterhearts review. By the time I made it to DW, I already had an idea what was special. If someone had just linked me dungeon-world.com before all that, I’m not sure I would have paid attention.

  4. Well I had never heard much about DW, and had very little interest in the genre when I started. Everyone kept talking about it though, and there was this “guide” that they recommended. So I had a look and was immediately hooked. Bought the game the next day and read the entire pdf when I should’ve been studying.

    It might be a bit much to expect everyone to read it, but I think anyone who does read it realises there is something special about dungeon world.

  5. For sure. I think that the DW front page could do a lot better than, “Dungeon World is a tabletop roleplaying game. It’s a set of rules that you use, along with your friends, to play out fantasy adventures. You’ll take on the roles of dwarves, elves, and humans in a world of magic. You’ll face dangerous enemies, sweeping plots, and treacherous locations. Are you ready? ” It could be doing a lot more to sell itself! 

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