12 thoughts on “I’d like to see the DCC RPG funnel translated into DW.”

  1. The basic 0-level occupation rule could be something like, “When you make any basic move that you are better at thanks to your occupation, take +1.”

    Would a custom generic occupation move be better than a simple +1? I was thinking the players could have fun justifying how their occupation might apply from one move-worthy situation to the next.

  2. Back in the Red Book days there was a Peasant playbook to support zero level characters that grew into adventurers. I can’t find links to it ATM, but it would definitely require updating for the current edition.

    I think it was written by Jason Morningstar?

  3. So I can’t find the Villager anywhere. I found the story-games thread where it’s discussed, but it doesn’t appear to be on the DW site. Maybe because it hasn’t been updated for the new edition?

  4. Yep, I have a Villager (and a Pit Slave) redone for the new edition but not laid out.

    If anyone with fancy-schmancy layout skills and appropriate fonts wants to make it look all character-sheet-i-mafied I’d be happy to share em (soon as I get the chance).

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