8 thoughts on “Boom.”

  1. I was originally thinking of the latin Umbra (shadow) but didn’t want a latin-inspired name; Umberto Eco’s name came to mind instead and just stuck. I’ve not read any of his books unfortunately – I probably should, now!

  2. I’m not a super huge fan of the spacing in the four-column layout page – I feel the spacing between lines is too big, so the text is really hard to follow. It also looks like you justified the first paragraph, which doesn’t look too great.

    The second page layout is good, but the text could stand to be darker as it’s pretty painful to read something that light against a white background.

    Content-wise, I like it, I’m looking forward to seeing the full thing!

  3. Alex Norris – I take your point on the four column layout – I exported the doc as spreads so they’d fit on screen better, but that’s made the text harder to read. I’ll have another play around with this and probably make the final product single sheets (I’ll have the map as a separate file). Glad you’re enjoying the content!

  4. Really interested to see the rest! I would love to do something similar myself, but am not sure where to draw the line re: “leave blanks”. You said you will have location information, so I guess I’m specifically interested to see where you draw the line on what to detail and what to “leave blank” 😉

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