9 thoughts on “So I want to play a CyberPunk game.”

  1. The concept is the same, but their specifics are a little different. In general I like the way most of the DW rules work, but AW has the more fitting playbooks.

  2. Cool, hadn’t seen the Sixth World stuff. I can get down with this.

    Tim; just the basic moves for instance play a little differently. Defy Danger vs Do Something Under fire for instance.

  3. I’ll second The Sprawl. I put in 60-80 hours and 9 playtest sessions on a hack of another system to create the perfect cyberpunk game for my group and then tossed it because The Sprawl is much, much better. 🙂

  4. Yeah, oddly I started writing a Shadowrun hack of DW but realised that I didn’t care about the magic and dumped that, and it’s been a steady drift towards AW since then 🙂 Which is just as well, really, since Sixth World absolutely nailed Shadowrun with DW!

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