I had this idea and I’m just not sure if someone did it before so tell me.

I had this idea and I’m just not sure if someone did it before so tell me.

I had this idea and I’m just not sure if someone did it before so tell me.

Group playbook. The group playbooks would gain levels with the characters and let them execute group moves. Let’s say your group is composed of characters with all military training and you choose the group playbook: Military squad. Military squad would give you access to (let’s say) Back to back.

When the group is surrounded and position itself in a back to back formation, you hold 3 as in the Defend move and stand in the defense of the group. The group acts as a single individual and everyone in the group can spend hold, 1 for 1, on the Defend options.

Just thinking out loud. Different group playbooks could be made like: Inquisition unit, Tomb raiders, Goblin hunters etc. Each of them would have unique set of moves and, why not, multiclass moves so you can spice things up.

If people like the idea and it wasn’t done before I would actually work on this on publish it for free.

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  1. It fits a similar space to the covenant rules I’m working on for my Ars Magica hack. I hadn’t thought of it outside that context, but it seems like it should work.

  2. This was one of the things that I liked about Warhammer 3rd Ed. I don’t think it should always be the same move though. Certain actions that the group takes can add or even remove hold to the group playbook. How you spend the hold depends on each group.

  3. I have a player who would LOVE this. In our D&D (3e and 4e in his case) games, it’s something he regularly mentioned… “I wish there were abilities you could trigger as a group”. Lord of the Rings Online (MMO) had a similar function (re: group attacks) and he would refer to it as well. So yes, I think this is very interesting, has a lot of potential, and I know when I mention it to my friend he will be very excited 😉

  4. Tim Jensen Yes indeed that’s one of the interesting elements of WHFR3 and I’d like to have them in Dungeon World. The conflict track was cool as well and I don’t know how I would mix it with what I have in mind. Mike Weem YES! LOTRO had that (still has I think) and this and it was awesome. It took a lot of cooperation for it to trigger the exact effects you wanted.

    I think I’ll write a couple of group playbooks and I’ll submit them to the community for review. Group playbooks in my mind are supposed to reward cooperation but also enhance roleplay. I think bonds among group members should play a role somehow. I’ll start something.

    Group playbooks ideas are welcomed! Bandit killers, dragon slayers, explorers, exiles, circumstantial heroes. Let’s rock.

  5. Group playbooks would be awesome. I was working on ones based on “corporation” for a kind of cyberpunk hack I am working on.

    Moves centred around working together were balanced out by ones that allow requisition of corp resources.

  6. Here’s my first attempt at a group playbook, adapted from the Landed Gentry CC.

    Noble retainers

    Your group is committed to the defense and upkeep of a steading. Give it a name and add it to the world map. 

    When you reach the end of a session, answer these three questions as a group:

    – Did we eliminate a threat to our home?

    – Did we do something to increase the prosperity of our home?

    – Did we improve our home’s standing politically?

    For each “yes” answer place 1 hold on this playbook.

    You may spend 1 hold to take +1 to a Carouse, Supply, or Recruit move in your home. 

    You may spend 1 hold to make a request with another person or steading. They will send someone to negotiate with you.

    You may spend 4 hold to change one tag on your home. Prosperity, Population, or Defense may be improved by one step, or you may add a beneficial tag or remove a detrimental tag to represent your work to grow your home.


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