6 thoughts on “So, how often do you provide an opportunity without cost when they give you a golden opportunity?”

  1. Short Answer: Every time it’s fictionally appropriate, just like any other move.

    Example: There’s a demon in the dungeon that’s guarding some treasure. Due to fortune or misfortune, they manage to lure it away to a different part of the dungeon. Hence, they come across a full room of treasure, with no one guarding it. What do they do? (The only real complication here is trying to carry it out.)

    Example, from actual play: They come into the room with the demon and the cleric is carrying a skin of holy water he just made using a nearby pool. The demon attacks and does 12 fire damage to the cleric, enough to kill him. I describe the skin of holy water exploding in his hands and covering him as the demon’s fire turns everything to ash and steam… And then I think a sec and say: “Wait, take half damage, as the holy water protects you from the worst of the balefire.”

    If you just follow the fiction, it will suggest when the characters gain benefits or advantages without cost.

  2. So stop feeling that way 😉

    You’re the GM. You’re a fan of the characters, you’re making their lives not boring, you’re filling their world with the fantastical. Sometimes they get an opportunity.

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