Sever Questions

Sever Questions

Sever Questions

Sever, level 7 cleric spell, ongoing:

“Choose an appendage on the target such as an arm, tentacle, or wing. The appendage is magically severed from their body, causing no damage but considerable pain. Missing an appendage may, for example, keep a winged creature from flying, or a bull from goring you on its horns. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell.”

Why is it ongoing? If you stop the spell does the limb re-attach? regrow? Does the limb remain active while severed? Can you sever your own hand and send it out Adam’s Family style?

How do you interpret this spell?

15 thoughts on “Sever Questions”

  1. Except for the fact the spell is called Sever, which to me, means it is removed form the body, not shunted to an extra-plannar space.

    But if that’s the case is the pain ongoing while it’s shunted?

  2. Just be careful that you don’t break a critical part of the uniqueness of the monster. If spell can fight against a uniqueness like appendage immediately grows back or something then the spell I think should be rare to find and or requires a lot of energy and resources.

  3. I would say it reattaches, since it’s ‘magically severed’ then it would make sense that when the magic ends, it is attached again.  It would be one horrible way to torture someone though.

  4. The limb is gone as befits the cleric’s deity (falls off, shrivels to nothing, becomes a phantasm, etc.) so long as the spell is ongoing. Once the spell ends, it comes back. Even if the limb literally falls off, and then you put it in a box, when the spell ends it just comes back. It’s magic.

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