#WIZARDWEEK  Could someone maybe give me an example of how fighting an enemy spellcaster might work, using the GM…

#WIZARDWEEK  Could someone maybe give me an example of how fighting an enemy spellcaster might work, using the GM…

#WIZARDWEEK  Could someone maybe give me an example of how fighting an enemy spellcaster might work, using the GM moves?  I have a rough idea, but I could use a few examples of how others have done it.

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  1. Getting the easy one out of the way:

    “The robed man throws a tiny ball in your direction, shouting out arcane words that make it blossom into fire. It expands as it rushes towards you. What do you do?

  2. OK, so something like:

    The fighter rolls Hack n’ Slash, and misses big time.  My GM move selected would be ‘Put someone in a spot’ so “The Shaman dodges your clumsy blow, and reaches out, spraying you with at thick magical web.  You can’t move!”

    or:  Turn their move back on them:

    “your blade digs deep, but a magic rune on the warlock’s forehead begins to glow, and as his wounds knit shut, you notice an identical cut opening on yourself”

  3. “Cornered, the Orkaster’s trembles as it brings it’s hand up, mutters a few poorly spoken syllables, and then closes it’s eyes. The walls begin melting, and sparks and flames flow out of holes in the air. Things are getting weird, fast. What do you do?”

    Pour forth magical chaos.

  4. “As you start to speak the words of your own spell, the Elven High Mage weaves her words into your own, co-opting your magical energies. So quick as to be nigh instantaneous, en enormous hedge maze springs up around you all, leaving each of you alone with one of the high mage’s warrior-protectors. ‘End them,’ you hear the mage’s voice echo through the branches. What do you do?”

    Separate them.

  5. OK, let’s go through them.

    Use a monster, danger, or location move reminds you that your evil wizard should have a “cast a spell move”, like the goblin orkaster’s “Pour forth magical chaos” or the lich’s “Cast a perfected spell of death or destruction”.  But don’t forget that the wizard’s laboratory might have the move “explodes violently if disturbed”.

    Reveal an unwelcome truth like maybe “your hireling/spouse/king has been a member of the wizard’s demon-summoning cult all along and they just betrayed you”.

    Show signs of an upcoming threat should give the characters something to go on during their confrontation.  There should be stories about how the pyromancer’s magic caused her enemy to spontaneously combust, or how a vile enchanter seduced the king and stole his seed to produce a homunculous. Alternately, if there’s a big bad beyond the wizard—like the demon he’s trying to unleash upon the world—then use this move to let him call on its power.

    Deal damage is pretty obvious. Wind, fire, all that kind of thing.

    Use up their resources could be the evil one countering the wizard’s spells, profaning the area to weaken the cleric’s connection with his gods, casting a spell of light to eliminate the shadows the thief is hiding in, or animating the fighter’s signature weapon to fight its former weilder.

    You already gave great examples for Turn their move back on them.

    Separate them by casting some of the heroes into the outer darkness. (Always fun at parties.) If the fighter tackles the wizard, he might fly or dimension door away, taking the fighter with him.

    Give an opportunity that fits a class’ abilities. The wizard has to stop the evil sorcerer’s ritual. There should be guards or minions that the fighter has to keep from killing his own wizard. Some of them might be demons or spirits that clerics and paladins are best to handle. The thief tends to make her own opportunities, but watch for them—they might want to steal a vital component, or maybe they subscribe to the philosophy of Vlad Taltos. (“No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.”)

    Show a downside to their class, race, or equipment. One word: palantir.

    Remember that your moves don’t all have to be pro-evil sorcerer. If the ranger has been skulking his way up to a sniping position, offer an opportunity, with or without cost. “The stone gargoyle looks a little precarious. You might be able to shove it off of its plinth and drop it right on top of him.”

    Put someone in a spot. “The evil wizard coughs blood and spits the last words of the ritual of summoning.  The lights dim as the barrier between the planes thins, and the vile essence of the demon lord begins to emerge, searching for a living host to inhabit. The chained prince looks up at you from the center of the magic circle, terrified and pleading.”

    Tell them the requirements or consequences and ask. “You place your blade on the wizard’s throat. If you let him live, he will surely try again…but if you slay him, his death-curse will fall upon you and your family.”

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