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Last week I had a conversation with Adrian Thoen Kasper Brohus and Joshua Bailey about a custom Wizard move. We all had different opinions on how it should read.

So lets about this up for everyone! How would you choose to create the following ability as a move?

Ability: allow the wizard to change out one (or multiple) of their spells “on the fly” without having to fully prepare a new suit of spells?

I think this is a good opportunity for everyone to flex their design muscles.

Lets see how you think it should look.

5 thoughts on “#WizardWeek”

  1. My version:

    REWIRE (level 6-10)

    When you meditate for a moment to change your prepared spells, roll+wis

    On a hit you can forget a spell of your choice and prepare a spell of lower level. 

    On a 7-9 you nix something up in your head and the next time you cast the new spell it will have 

    unforeseen side effects 

  2. REMEMORY (level 2-5)

    Your vision turns inward to when you prepared yourself last, and you attempt to remember the gestures, phrases and nuances of alternate spells, roll +int (past knowledge)

    No matter the roll: 

    * choose one spell you’ve prepared prior to making the roll and 

    * take -1 forward to use REMEMORY again until after you’ve rested.

    * On hit, choose a replacement spell of the same or lesser level then the spell you’ve selected to swap and one option. 

    * On partial, choose a replacement spell of a lower level than the spell you’ve selected to swap. 

    * On miss, your attempt fails and you may not use REMEMORY again until you rest.

    Defy Danger with the following results, roll +wis.

    ** On success, you keep your wits and your prepared spells

    **On partial, choose one:

    you take -1 forward to spell casting until a rest due to some clouded memories, 

    or take 2 + int damage from the strain

    ** On failure, you lose the spell you wanted to swap out until your next preparation.  

    Advancement: Levels 6-10 

    * On hit, choose any number of spells whose total levels equal the spell being swapped and choose two options

    * On partial, choose any number of spells whose total levels are lower than the spell being swapped

    * On miss, your attempt fails and you may not use REMEMORY again until you rest.

    Choose from the following options:

    “your time spent gazing inward awoke additional insight”

    * the spell you swap in takes +1 forward.

    * you are able to recover another spell which you had lost from failed casting, or other circumstance not related to using this move.

    * your spout lore takes +1 forward.

  3. wyld majjycks

    When you harness the untamed magic at the edge of the immaterium to cas a spell you know, but haven’t prepared, roll+wis and hope for the best. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, choose 1 and the GM will choose 1. On a 6-, all 3.

    -it strains your mind, take -2 forward to cast a spell

    – your concentration is shattered, forget 2 spells you have prepared.

    -your mind has become a portal to a strange magical dimension, and something’s coming through…

  4. I didn’t realize you meant that it was a, ‘one spell for another’ kind of thing. I thought it was pure impromptu casting. As such… here is my take. (And yes, it’s a rough move. But wizards don’t like pop quizzes.)

    Impromptu Casting

    When you want to cast a spell you haven’t prepared roll + the worse of Wis and Con. (Because of the intense strain it puts on your mind and body.)

    On a 12+, you do it.

    On a 10+, you do it, but at a cost. When you next try to prepare this spell, you can’t make sense of it in your spellbook. You have to spend a day researching, and rewriting, the spell in your spellbook. It got broken somehow.

    On a 7-9, Same as 10+, but you are stunned until you take a short rest. You may be able to alter the fabric of reality, but casting like this makes it hard to break that pesky third law.

    On a 6-, Same as 10+, but you are knocked unconscious for a number of hours equal to the spell level. Maybe the the forces aren’t quite equal? When you come to, something is waiting on you. What is it?

    (edit: I was going to have 7-9 do damage equal to the spell. I thought that may be too rough, but I’d probably play it that way.)

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