#wizardweek  New racial moves!

#wizardweek  New racial moves!

#wizardweek  New racial moves!


You have a practical understanding of physical and mental change, take +1 when casting an enchantment spell.


Your magic is fueled by blood. When you drink someone’s blood, you can perform a ritual as if you were in a place of power.


When you create an item using Ritual, you can veto one condition.


You learn an additional spell each level.


Your training was tough and hands-on. Your HP is 8+Constitution.


When you use Spell Defense, your armor is equal to the spell’s level+1.

4 thoughts on “#wizardweek  New racial moves!”

  1. Merfolk : any large body of saltwater is a place of power for you

    Warforged: Take +1 forward when spouting lore about constructs and war machines

    Kobold: Being in the presence of a Dragon is enough to count as being in a place of power for casting rituals. 

    Aspect, Self-taught: you don’t need a spell book. You keep the information about your spells all stored in your head, even though you can’t prepare them all at once.

  2. Giovanni Lanza LOVING the dhampir and the warforged! (Although I’d power up the latter to spell’s level x 2)


    You can choose “you suffer 1d6 damage which ignores armor” as an option on a result of 7-9 on a cast a spell roll.

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